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Maravilhoso Amor

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Maravilhoso  e Caminhar
Brilhar com os  raios
Refletir Sua luz
Aquecer os sonhos
Enxergar seus olhos
Trilhar seus Caminhos

Adormecer com a Palavra
Dormir nas nuvens
Aquietar na sombra
Fechar a janela da dor
Abrir a da esperança

Bailar  com a Vida
Viver a  verdade
Cobrir os pesadelos
Abrir os caminhos

Abençoar as sementes
Esbanjar confiança
Aprender com a integridade
Exaltar a Felicidade

Passear com a Humildade
E sorrir com a Gratidão
Apertar Sua mão
Nos obscuros vãos 

Que acende o Aprender
Do saber Viver
Seu Maravilhoso Amor

(O pôr-do-sol é momento. E só a beleza do momento é eterna.")

A few of my favorite things

I love....
Sleeping  and waking  up
Embraced with my husband
A good cry and laugh
With my sister and friends
Listening to my children's stories 
And their  lovely memories,

I love...
The hope and the freedon 
That my Dad from above brings,
The song of the birds
 every morning in the roof of my room
The fresh air, when I open the door 
to say hello for my dogs

I love...
seeing, how excited they get
when  we get read 
To go to a walk
Their hugs are 'painful'
 And their kisses wet

I love...
Walking  in  the bosque 
The joy and the happiness 
That  God presence brings
Wherever we are and go
With family and friends

 I love ...
A nice table laid  in the garden 
A  nice cup of coffe
And a  delicious desert  
Listening to music 
Worshiping together,
When my heart truly sings

Seeing  the beauty of the flowers
And the fruits in my gardem
To pick up them fresh
And decorate the house 
or take to a friend 

I love...
Taking  pictures from  detailles
Which  no one could see.
And reflects what i am
and the peace and joy
It  always brings to me.