New born

Today thousands of new born babies have just arrived. Amongst them, there is one special, who name means 'send by God' Samuel.
I have not seem him, maybe i will see, maybe not, i dont know!!!. He is a son of a old friend who doesn't see me as a friend anymore, see me as a older lover and it is a big barrer to keep in touch and share this great moment that is to have a baby.
A new baby is nearly borning, and Jesus says that we can be born again once we accepet him as his Salvior. Isn't it great? Be a new creature? Have all our sins cleaned off and be white as the snow.
I am thinking that this is very powerful, but many of us,who call ourselves as Christians don't live this truly message from God.
If I am a new creature and have the power(by faith)to decide that the old Marli doesn't live anymore, would be wonderful to be seem by the eye not just from my dear Lord and Savior Jesus CHrist,but from all that believe on Him as a new baby born in Christ and the the fruits of my life are the blessing upon other lives. I have the Holy Spirit in my life and I believe that it makes me to be unique, whorever I go.
Love to all in Jesus, even you SAMUEL, Who I haven't seem yet.

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