The creator has made,
Has touched has blessed
Latin America with his
Anointing and Blessed

The power of HIS hands
Is upon this land
Nature, food and beauty
Is made from HIS hand

Suffering, starving, sinning
Will be substituted by the shining
Of the glory and power
By our king,our strong Tower

Latin American will worship and praise God
Our king, father and Lord
Children, woman and men
Will see His glory
And say AMEM

It is not our almighty
It is God almighty
To reach Latin American
And the world that we see

Instituto Haggai is working hard
To teach us how to evangelize
Eleanor prepared our flight
Magda never fight.

Dr Tony and Jenny
Anointing brother in Jesus
They are using their lives
To reach unbelievers

James put us online
To contacting our family and friends
To see that we are fine.
In Singapore,
Where there is no poor.

Dorothy taught us to be a good leader
Methods and tips Priscilla described
Aier told us the mandates to follow
Pluralism and Post Modernism
Suraya advised not to borrow

Here we are,
To learn and share
To families and friends that we care
The message that we don’t dare

Priscila, Aier and Dorothy
Women who follow the Almighty
to teach us the reality
and encourage us to go
to love,evangelize and be kind
Walking by faith
Belivieng in a Grace
Latin America will win the race

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