Travelling around the world
I was able to see
Flowers, plants, animal and the sea
That I took shots to remember it.
And praise my God what He did.

Different colors sizes and shapes
That our Great Lord made
To tell us about His Grace

I saw other things too
That made me ask, what is the tool?
To reach the people who is dying
Without knowing the way and the light
That makes the life bright

I remembered the Great Commission
This is our mission
Evangelize and reach soul
From those that doesn’t have a clue .
That heaven is not only blue

Eight hundred twenty group
We all are special ladies
Different sizes, colors and shapes
God made us in a special way
To glorify His name and say
That he is the light and the way

Communication skills we need to learn
Time our pace is essential to replace
Bad habits that we may had
To good skills that we will have

Remember to use the A.V
To communicate what you see
New thoughts, selection, ideas
Without any fear
And DO Not forget the vitamine ‘C’.

Mrs.Cestari will be happy
To see all using no tech
The low and high tech

Preach and Evangelize the gospel
Is the answer to believers
Who understands how cool
Is to have Jesus as the tool.

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