Trusting in God alone-Confiando em Deus sozinha

King David knew something about suffering, particularly suffering caused by his own actions. But he also knew to whom he could turn during those times of trouble.  
This 'man after( God's) own heart ' ( Actos 13.22), made it a point to seek the Lord in difficult days and to make the news of God's goodness know to everyone who woud listen.
David knew that God would always remain faithfull to Himself and to His holy nature-even when David acted unfaithfully. David knew that a just the right time, God would deliver him from despair.
He kenw the freedom and security that come from trusting in God alone as his deliverer.
What a great confort and joy come to us when we understanding that God is rich in grace and mercy,that He not only forgive us, but restores and redeems!
The Lord lifts us up from our personal pits of despair and puts us in right standing with Him.
David was far from a perfect man, but he understood something all people must grasp:
When times of troubles arrive- even trouble we bring on ourselves,we must turn to God and wait patiently for His help. He'll never fall us . Remember these truths about the God you serve, them proclaim them to everyone who will hear.

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